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If you would like to get to know us better, feel free to call us on +353 1 412 6200. We’ll be happy to have an informal and confidential chat with you about how we work and what we can offer prospective franchisees.


Since our launch in 2011, we have established Smarter Surfaces™ as a proven, international company serving a rapidly growing worldwide demand for our expanding range of innovative surface solution products.

Our story began in 2009, when company founder Ronan Clarke first came up with the idea on which the business is built. At that time heading up a very successful construction business, Ronan was asked by a client to fit out all the walls of an entire office with whiteboards. However, whiteboards are costly and in many cases unsuitable. Responding to the challenge, Ronan looked for an alternative solution, a search that took him on a two-year journey of research and development that ultimately led to the production and successful market launch of our first product - Smart Wall Paint. Still a best seller today, it proved to the first of a series of innovative products on which the company is building its growing reputation and brand.

From our headquarters in Dublin, our business currently extends to over 30 countries in five continents, where we support local marketing with country-specific websites. As part of our growth strategy, we constantly seek to open up new markets, as well as develop existing ones.

Our Directors

Ronan Clarke

Smarter Surfaces™ Director and Founder Ronan Clarke is a proven entrepreneur with a background in construction and property investment in Ireland and overseas. From 1998 to 2008, he managed a successful multi-million euro construction business.

In 2011, Ronan founded Smart Wall Paint. His entrepreneurial talent has been recognised with the awarding of the 2013 David Manley Business Category Award and the 2013 PwC Docklands Innovation Awards.

Denise Doran

A director of the company from its earliest days, Denise Doran BBS MBA is an internationally accomplished, senior executive with 20 years demonstrated career success. She has worked with Nortel, Hitachi and Dell, in a variety of global strategic, product, channel and marketing roles.

Denise set up the first marketing communications team in Dell UK and Ireland, with an annual budget of €30million, delivering 30% quarter-on-quarter lead generation increases. She also ran her own very successful consultancy company, working with many of Ireland's top tech start-up companies, as well as government agencies.

Global Presence

From our headquarters in Dublin, our business currently extends to over 30 countries in five continents, where we support local marketing with country-specific websites. As part of our growth strategy, we constantly seek to open up new markets, as well as develop existing ones.

Our Brand

The Smarter Surfaces™ brand represents our promise to develop, create and deliver outstanding products that are synonymous with our reputation, values and good name. As a global business, we make it our mission to ensure that customers who come into contact with us anywhere in the world have a positive experience of our brand and that our marketing effort consistently and accurately portrays our brand values.

Our Values

    Think Big

Smarter Surfaces™ grew from an idea our founder had when asked to fit out an entire meeting room with whiteboards. That’s how our business was born.

    Ethics and Respect

We are a global company with customers in every continent of the world. Based in our Dublin HQ, our people come from many different countries and speak a variety of languages.

    Customer Service

It’s really simple. It’s not enough to just sell award-winning products. Our customer comes first – all the time…. every time.


Smarter Surfaces™ success is built on relationships. We work hard to create a collaborative and friendly environment within our company and with all of our customers, partners and franchisees.


At Smarter Surfaces™ we enjoy what we do and we have fun while we do it. It’s a joy to sell a product that doesn’t just transform spaces, but also changes people and how they work together and learn.


Our products have won many national and international awards, including:

•  European Office Products Award (EOPA) FM Office Product of the Year 2014

•  Ulster Bank Business Achievers Awards 2014

•  Emerging Small Exporter at the Export Industry Awards 2014

•  PWC Docklands Innovation Award 2013

•  David Manley Business Category Award 2013

Customer Feedback

Our products have attracted many testimonials and other positive feedback from satisfied customers. Here are some examples:

  • “There hasn't been a day we haven't used it since we painted the office!”


    Rosie Clancey
    Digital Marketing Manager, 11811
  • “ I don’t think it’s an exaggeration for me to say that this is one of the greatest things I’ve come across in, like, ever. A doodler’s paradise!”

    Mark Breen
    Managing Director, Cuckoo Events
  • "The product has changed more than just the surfaces it is painted on. It has changed how I use the space in my classroom and how I teach.”

    Al Robinson
    Benfield School, Newcastle
  • “It has really transformed the way in which we work.”



    Sarah Townsend
    The Real Buzz Group, Cheshire
  • "We chose Smart Wall Paint as a tool to encourage innovation and ideas. The walls in our main office area and meeting room are now working canvases with evolving ideas and thoughts.”

    Patrick Leddy
    Furious Tribe, London
  • “Productivity has increased significantly due to its introduction. Thanks to the success of the first wall, Connected Media have decided to paint their whole office with Smart Wall Paint.”

    Matt Clover
    Connected Media, Essex

Press and Media Coverage

Thanks to their innovative nature and user appeal, our products are very PR friendly and frequently attractive positive press and media coverage

Would you like to see how we use our surfaces at Smart Surfaces HQ? We invite you take a tour of our offices with 360 photography.

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