Our Business Model

Simple yet effective, our business model is based on selling an innovative and award-winning range of products to key market segments that provide the greatest opportunities for high value and repeat sales.


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Our range of innovative paints and wallpapers add functionality to surfaces. Thanks to their outstanding features and benefits, they are increasingly the surface solution of choice for corporate business, education, and architectural and interior design sectors alike. Our products fall into the following categories:

  •     Whiteboard
  •     Magnetic
  •     Projector
  •     Whiteboard and Magnetic
  •     Accessories

All offer their own benefits, which can be further enhanced by combining them to offer a variety of multi-functional solutions in different spaces and settings.

Sales Appeal

Innovative, versatile, multi- functional and easy to apply, Smarter Surfaces™ products offer tremendous sales appeal among a wide variety of end-users in key market sectors.


Demand for Smarter Surfaces™ products breaks down into three key market segments: 

  •     Business-to-Business
  •     Education
  •     Service Professional Bodies

Business to Business

Smarter Surfaces™ products have proven business-to-business appeal, including:

  •   Corporate: Our client portfolio includes many well-known corporate customers such as Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Facebook and SAP. They use our products as a means of enhancing cultures of openness, communication and collaboration across their management teams.

  •   SMEs: Many SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) choose our products because they provide extra functionality. For example, small offices can double up as meeting rooms when one or more walls are transformed with our whiteboard paint.

  •   Collaborative Businesses: Any businesses with a requirement for client meetings, brainstorming sessions or other forms of collaboration love our products.


Our end-user customers in the education sector include Primary, Secondary Schools, Universities, Training Schools and Colleges.

Service Professional Bodies

Many tradespeople, professionals and others working in construction industry favour our products and are great advocates and influencers on our behalf. These include architects, interior designers, painters and decorators, and facilities managers.

Other Customers

Although we don’t heavily promote our products to other markets segments (because average order value is not as high as from key customers), there is significant demand for our products by many other end users. These include community centres and sports clubs, where our products transform dressing rooms walls so that game plans and strategies can be discussed. Our products are also popular with domestic customers, who use them in home offices, children’s bedrooms, playrooms and home crèches.

If you would like to find out more about owning a Smarter Surfaces Franchise, please call us today on +353 1 4126200

A member of our Franchise team will be happy to speak to you in confidence and answer any questions you may have.