Who are Smarter Surfaces™?

We are a multi-award winning Irish Company with a global presence that manufactures, supplies, sells and install an extensive range of truly innovative products, which add functionality and purpose to traditionally dormant surfaces. Our growing international market currently extends to over 30 countries in five continents.

What does Smarter Surfaces™ do?

Our innovative products transform surfaces like walls, doors, tables and desks in a wide variety of locations such as offices, halls, meeting rooms, classrooms, lecture theatres and sports dressing. By adding functionality to a diverse range of surfaces in a multiplicity of settings, Smarter Surfaces™ products significantly alter and enhance the dynamics of how our clients and their people work and learn together.

Who are Smarter Surfaces’ key clients?

We primarily operate a proven sales and distribution franchise model that offers exceptional sales opportunities in our identified target market segments:

  1. Business-to-Business, including corporate, SMEs and collaborative businesses.
  2. Education, include primary, secondary schools, universities, training schools and colleges.
  3. Service Professional Bodies, including many tradespeople, professionals and others working in construction industry and key influencers such as architects, interior designers, painter/decorators and facilities managers.

What territories are available?

Smarter Surfaces™ franchise territories are agreed on a one-on-one basis with successful franchisees. We allocate territories based on population size, the density of commercial businesses, and the number of schools and educational institutions present within the agreed territory. Our preference is to award franchise territories to local franchisees operating close to their home base.

What ongoing fees must I pay?

  • Management Services Fee of 8% of gross sales, net of VAT.
  • A Marketing Contribution Fee in return for central marketing support, set at 1% of gross sales, net of VAT.

What’s so special about a Smarter Surfaces™ franchise?

We operate a proven franchise model, built on key underlying strengths, which offer significant benefits to qualified franchisees.

Key Strengths of Franchise Model Key Benefits to Franchisees
  • High gross margin on product sales.
  • High average order sales values.
  • Low overhead business model.
  • No location required.
  • Effective and unique products.
  • Continuous R & D.
  • Mobile franchise.
  • Two weeks intensive training
  • Significant revenue opportunity.
  • High turnover potential.
  • Higher profit potential.
  • No property-related overheads.
  • Competitive advantage.
  • Refreshed product range.
  • Lower running costs.
  • Thorough knowledge of the business model prior to start-up.

What type of franchisees are we looking for?

We are looking for hard working, dedicated outgoing professionals who have the capability to build strong long-term relationships with key clients and the ambition to build a multiple employee business over time.  

If you would like to find out more about owning a Smarter Surfaces Franchise, please call us today on +353 1 4126200

A member of our Franchise team will be happy to speak to you in confidence and answer any questions you may have.